Witte Klavervier true Low Countries beers & styles
In the Hanseatic town of Zwolle, the Netherlands the old Witte Klavervier brewery was reopened early 2011. One goal of the brewery is to bring assertive Dutch craft beers to the public. Another is to spread knowledge of the old brewing history of the Dutch. A third is to promote the reestablishment of the old brewing infrastructure of old in the form of hop gardens and the local production of brewing malts.

The beer
Our beers are all about the brewing history of the Netherlands where hopped beers were made since early 14th century. Our Koyt was awarded 'Best Koyt of the Netherlands' and our other beers also don't fit into present-day beer-styles. Behind every beer there is a terrific amount of research and they were not made to resemble other beers, but to stand out and make a unique statement of character.

Best Koyt beer of the Netherlands
We won a 2014 World Beer Cup silver medal in Denver with our Koyt beer. Before that we won the title Best Koyt beer of the Netherlands. This is about as good as 'Best of the world' because the beer is nowhere else to be had. New fresh Koyt is now available for the spring and summer season of 2014. Early 2014 Koyt was officially recognized by the Brewers Association so in 2016 every brewer in the world can enter the competition on Koyt beer.

Researching beer history
People from the Low Countries brought beer brewing to England. Liên Luu wrote extensively about the pre-history of beer in England in her book and we wrote a new article around her 'Stages in the diffusion of beer brewing technology to London' with some new insights and sources. We also found some new sources on beer brewing in Amsterdam in the 17th centrury.

Campaign for Netherlands beer-styles (Campagne Nederlandse Bierstijlen) or CNB in short. CNB is an initiative meant to generate an awareness of the almost forgotten Dutch beer history and beer styles. Read more.

Some of the content on this site is suited only for people with a genuine interest in beer.

'Long before I ever drank beer, let alone devoted my life to it, I knew that Porter was a mystery.'

'No style of beer inspires so many questions:
What was the original Porter like?
Why was it so called?'

Michael Jackson (Beerwriter 1942 - 2007)

Back then there were 17 breweries in Zwolle, the Netherlands.
Those were the days!