Witte Klavervier Poorter

Type: Fusion Dubbel - Porter
EBC 45 EBU 30
Density of wort 16 degrees Plato Category S
Alc. 7% Vol.
Ingredients: water, malts, hops en yeast.
2 dark malts, a Cara malt 300 en a Roast malt 900.
2 hops; Spalt and Styrian Goldings hops.

Poorter is an old Dutch beer name that goes back as far as early 14th century. Our Poorter is a fusion beer somewhere between a Belgian Dubbel and a Porter.
Next to nothing is known about the old Poorters and it was probably not a true style in the modern sense. Thoroughly researched articles with extensive source material about Poorter and other Dutch beers can be found in our 'history' department.