Barrel 2 Witte Klavervier Barrel Aged Poorter

2 (barrel 2) total amount 528, numbered per bottle.

Poorter beer original Alc.7% Vol. Filled on bourbon barrel George Dickel. This barrel started at George Dickel, Tullahoma, Tennesee, USA. Sold to Middleton distilleries Cork Ireland. Bought by Witte Klavervier BV Zwolle at Faßfabrik Alfred Krogemann GmbH, Bremen. Alcohol content rose to Alc. 7.5% Vol.

30 11 2011
Original beer was Poorter, made at the 'Scheldebrouwerij' by brewmaster Peter van den Eijnden.

Barrel 1 en 2 have a bit to much CO2 but nothing alarming. Do not shake, stay calm and perhaps wait a bit after opening, take your time.