Witte Klavervier true Low Countries beers & styles
In the Hanseatic town of Zwolle, the Netherlands the old Witte Klavervier brewery was reopened early 2011. One goal of the brewery is to bring assertive Dutch craft beers to the public. Another is to spread knowledge of the old brewing history of the Dutch. A third is to promote the reestablishment of the old brewing infrastructure of old in the form of hop gardens and the local production of brewing malts.

Micro malting
Over the past years we have done tests with malting and collected knowledge about malting in a very broad sense. Recently we did an in-depth course on malting at the Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin (VLB) and are now a certified maltster.

Presently (2020) our focus is on opening a malthouse of our own technical design. Today there a situation has grown with many small breweries buying industrial malts. That is all very well, but we thought there might be room for special, local and artisan malts, perhaps from certain specific types of barley or other grains and specific and/or local soils.

Researching beer history
I researched the mysterious and evasive gruit, grutt or grout. Apart from an old tax on beer it was a substance that was actually used for brewing. An article about this research was published by the Brewery History Society which you can find here together with an extended source page chronological ordered.
My friend Leen Alberts found an amazing series of Liege beer recipes in a 17th century notebook. To supplement that we collected sources on Liege beer covering three centuries. Out of this combined effort a completely new insight is dawning about this distinctive beer-style that was made predominantly with spelt. Please read about it in the history of Liege beer.

Lecture on beerhistory
The rapid increasing knowledge and changing insights on the history of Low-Countries beer are a beautiful subject for a presentation, workshop or master-class anywhere in the world. Lectures are in English and sometimes accompanied by a historic beer. Maybe this will fit your event too; ask for possibilities through the contact page.

Frederik Ruis